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The terrible start to a great day!

Well as stated in the title things didn't start to good this morning. Upon getting in boat I roll my ankle and hear a crack. With ankle killing me I have a decision to make fish or head to er. Fishing it is.
Off to spot number 1 and right off the bat I catch a hybrid on top water. No more luck with the top water. I change to a matrix and the specks have arrived. Ranging from 12 to about 18 inches. So I decide to change spots. The next spot has a lot of fish on my fishfinder. Drop the matrix and bounce off the bottom, on second cast nice redfish. I fished the spot for awhile pulling in redfish and specks. After a couple hours it's time to head to urgent care.
Final count
25+ specks
7 redfish
5 hybrids
1 sprained ankle


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