Hatch Latch 1" to 2" conversion

I have a 2004 Action Craft Coastline with the old style 1 inch locking latch.... they are no longer function, and some have completely disintegrated.

Has anyone successfully converted the latches from the 1" to 2" diameter (Gemlux comes to mind)?

I don't want to start drilling holes without first asking anyone if they've had any success.



  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Yes been there done that. Wasn't difficult. I used gemlux latches. Be sure to ask for the backing plate spacer as your hatches prob are not molded. Don't forget to bed them with 4200 or equivalent non-perm sealant.

    I used these ones from gemlux. Call them and ask
    For Jerry in sales. He's good dude.

    Also the guys at action craft do it all the time. Give them a call they are good people.
  • Dive4lobsterDive4lobster Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Agree w DanOMite, it's an easy task and will really update the cosmetics of the boat. I also used the Gemlux version, was not aware of a spacer being available so I used a piece of stock 2" pvc schedule 40 and cut it to appropriate lengths. I then used a few spare sheets of balsa wood and clamped them to the under side of the hatch. This gives your hole saw something to bite into instead of trying to start it into an existing one inch hole. Note: err towards away from the lip of the latch, some of my holes I ended up having to notch out and bevel some material out of the hatch drain lip. Otherwise, it's about a 20 minute process per latch from start to finish.
  • LongbowLongbow Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    Those hatch pulls look amazing! I wanted those exact ones, but the pergo
    Squares fit my existing hatch mitre almost perfectly so i went with those instead.
  • rocketmanrayrocketmanray Posts: 4 Greenhorn
    My locking latch for storage in my center console no longer worked properly and it was in need of replacement. I removed it and was looking for another, mostly on Ebay - for about $30 + shipping. So, I’m cheap and used paper towels wedged in the crack until I worked out a fix.

    More recently, while searching for something totally unrelated, an annoying little "look at me" dialog boxes pops up on Ebay and there was the latch.... for about $10, free shipping. So, I ordered it..... It arrives and in the literature www.Owach.com looked like the vendor.

    I poked around their website and discovered amongst other things they also carry the 1 inch diameter locking hatch latches for the older style of Action Craft hatches!! I haven't order them yet, but plan to soon. They look like the same ones on the actioncraftparts.com for about $37.50. (No bash intended, just identifying another source of supply).

    So, it you're an Action Craft owner and need the center console latch or replacement hatch locks be sure to check out www.owach.com

    Shameless plug over – no affiliation, no relationship... just a happy boater that save some $$.....

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