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Dania Beach Sailfish Landed Saturday 11/26/2016

Been a while since I posted, as it has been a while since I kayak fish. Finally last couple of weeks, I made some time for fishing. Last week I had a sail on for but a brief moment, then of she went. Oh well. Still landed a kingfish to take the skunk off.

I redeemed myself today, with one nice fight and this one that I did get landed.

Sails have been running fairly shallow during my last 2 trips out. Both times, the hookup were around 80-90 ft only. Look for bait being pushed up and bird activity in small areas. Both times, the birds were concentrating in a small diameter of an area, not spread around. Bait balls busting the surface. Sails are very active now. Go get yours!

Video will be uploaded on Tuesday 11/29/2016
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