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Pool guys, gotta question.

PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,464 AG
On a Jandy pool heater, automated valves. Spa is the over flow type that " waterfalls" into the pool. Spa drains down to the pool level when its all off. Ive read that is common of a check valve failure. The check valve is new and is in the correct way. When the pool heater is in spa mode, the valves for the spa drain shut, and the return line for the spa opens as it should. But there is little to no water pressure! Pool returns have decent flow. When the heater is in pool mode, all valves operate as they should but, there is no pressure out of the spa jets, but water and air coming out of the spa drains! what is up with that? nothing has been re-piped on this, it just started happening.


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