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Boynton Beach 11 Nov 2016

Launched near the inlet around 5am in darkness to catch bait. Bait fishing was good for small runners and gogs. After blackening out the live well, headed out deeper trolling baits and vertical jigging. First bait of the morning produced a nice King Mackerel, but then fishing slowed down.

The current was a weak manageable 0.8kts to the North in 200ft of water. Vertical jigged hard on the local wreck and ledges for an occasional Blue Runner and small Little Tunnies. My buddy went out deep vertical jigging and trolling live bait drifting to Lake Worth Pier for zilch. There was big surf at Lake Worth Pier making his landing challenging, but the surf remained small off Boynton all day. Fishing was slow, but the weather was nice, so decided to stick it out for the afternoon off Boynton. There were a lot of private boaters around, but fishing appeared to be slow for everyone. Finally around 2pm I located a large school of bait with birds working on it. First pass by trolling produced a double strike:

The surface bait produced a larger Little Tunny and my deeper bait produced my personal best for Barracuda -- 25lb 12oz on the scale at Aces Bait and Tackle.

I caught and released 3 more large Cudas, before leaving the area to try to find some different action.

Later in the Afternoon I was startled to see a huge billfish jump about 30ft in front of my kayak. If it was a sailfish, it was the biggest one I have yet to see. After dragging live baits and vertical jigging the rest of the afternoon, headed in at sunset without any other bites.


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