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Be careful where you show competence

HeatwaveHeatwave Posts: 1,997 Captain
Happening with me on christmas lights. I really need a break from the Horror of Thanksgiving christmas tree, Flag pole tree, and all the other decorations. I did the flag pole tree as a one time thing, maybe to be done again years later. Now, The wife and daughter expect it with all the other WORK... Just having a wonderful day today, working ! I love them so, but they need to know when not to push... Is it so bad that I say, let's take it easy this year, kid is in college, should be grandchildren in 4 or 5 years and grandpa will go all out... But ****, each time I come up with a new idea it is to be ADDED to existing decorations... Or I get the (your family had no tradition, thus, you don't care about it)... Sometimes I like change...


  • MenziesMenzies Posts: 19,289 AG
    I hear you. I committed to doing the lighted boat parade thing this year. So got the outside house lights done Wednesday and yesterday so I could start the boat over the weekend. My God, I'd rather decorate the outside of three houses that fiddle with the blessed boat! Plus its 80 degrees so hot work!
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