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Impromtu Fishing Trip becomes n Eye Opener

This weekend was a pretty active one for myself and my paddle board. I finally got it back after two weeks of waiting for two small dings to be repaired which happened while transporting the board after only using it once :willynilly(LMK if you guys do the repairs yourself and if so what do you use).

I decided to race in a 2.5 mile race as an experienced paddle boarder with one whole trip under my belt. The event was the Nishpombo out of Miami Rowing Club. If you haven't been I'd suggest it. They have multiple races for different skill levels and proceeds go to charity for cancer. With paid race entry you get all you can eat and drink(beer).

Anyways after the race on Saturday I wanted to use my board on Sunday but I just didn't know where. I ending up being lazy until around 1:30:nono. Then I went to buy 3 dozen shrimp and headed out of key biscayne. I expected to tangle with bait stealers and maybe catch a couple mangroves. The fishing was extremely slow for the first hour and a half producing only one jack. I moved twice with the same result. I decided to move closer to shore since the sun was coming down and once I set anchor and threw a bait out I was hit immediately. Much to my surprise it wasn't a jack but a nice sea trout. I proceeded to catch about five and lose one reaaaallly nice one right at the board. All and all it was a great weekend and I know have something fun to do close by.


  • krashkrash Posts: 710 Officer
    Trout, once ya find them don;t move cause you found them all.

    Ding's, repair depends on the type of damage. I do my own and basically uses a couple products. but they products are only my personal choice there may be better and there sure are worse.

    I use a few basic products for at home repairs:
    G-Flex Epoxy resin
    G-Flex thickened epoxy adhesive
    West Systems Epoxy resin, with both fast and slow cure hardner depending on the type of repair.
    Some 4 and/or 6 ounce fiberglass cloth.
    I also have some filler for thickening, and some black graphite powder for ding repairs on my paddle's.
    For finishing several grits of sandpaper, 80, 120, 220, 320, 600 dry and wet.

    I would also recommend keeping some 'SunCure" epoxy in your emergency kit, for most eps/epoxy boards. Quick and dirty ding repair can be done on the beach in the sun in a few minutes. Most boaters, and if you have a gel-coat fiberglass hull, keep the putty epoxy in their kit for emergency repairs that can also be done on the water.

    If you care or are overly anal, get and keep a couple rattle cans of paint to match your board.
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  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,344 Moderator
    Nice trout!
    I love fishing for them, its a relaxing fishery compared to offshore species. Only thing I don't like is that although they taste good they typically have worms, which really sucks.
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  • JCrove06JCrove06 Posts: 64 Deckhand
    Great comments/info as usual guys. Thanks. As far as the repair info is there a lot there, is there a kit with all those things you list?

    You know Jc I don't know until this year about the worms until I fileted the fish myself. We usually go with a guide when I fished for them in captiva. I guess we were eating them the whole time I heard they are harmless but Now that e know no one wants to eat them unless they are Arom free. I didn't keep any last time. I'm thinking about going this afternoon. If I catch a big one I'll likely keep it.
  • krashkrash Posts: 710 Officer
    Trout with worms is a mystery where... but it seems it location dependant, most would say just make sure you cook them well its protien.

    West Marine does have, as well as many other places, a fiberglass repair kit with epoxy or polyesther resin (make sure you get epoxy) and activator/hardner and some cloth... but I tend to just buy what I want. If you buy a kit you get whats inside and you may or may not use some of the stuff. Here is a link to the repair kit instructions, should give you a good idea of what/how.
    I buy epoxy resin in pint or quart size, hardner you can get different fast, slow, extra clear version's, the fillers come in to big of a container so it last very long time but does not go bad. Epoxy resins will go bad sitting in hot garages or exposed to the sun so you want fairly fresh supply.
    G-flex I get in the smallest size 8 oz. it goes quite a way and I keep onhand 650 resin and 655 adhesive, just note it does not dry clear its kind of an amber color.

    There is also a lot of information available on the west System, and West Marine web sites.
    If you are local Ft. Lauderdale/Dania area and know what you want there is a place on Anglins drive across form the bus depot & bud distributer South of BPS called Joes that has everything. They have their own brands of resins, putty's but do have a good supply of accesories like stirring stix, mixing cups, bulk cloth, sand paper and stuff.

    Beware I am in no way associated with or pro-staff partnered with either west Marine or West Systems... it just happens to be where I get most of my repair stuff and what I choose to use.... I have and do use other resins and stores like Joes and Dusky to get supplies. You can buy a quick and easy to use kit at HomeDepot. I use that G-flex to fix or glue a lot of stuff including roto-molded kayaks.
    Old Fugger who just likes to fish
  • JCrove06JCrove06 Posts: 64 Deckhand
    Awesome info. You're the man!
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