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**High quality exotic Amazonian 3 inch Peacock Bass for sale**

You are looking at at some of the most high quality exotic Amazonian 3 inch Peacock Bass that make a great center piece for aquariums enthusiast and for all kinds of people. The part that really makes it the king of the tank is the vibrant exotic crazy colors and that mean old look on its face.

Species: Cichla Ocellaris

$15 Each

Cell: [URL="tel:786-325-9723"]786-325-9723[/URL]
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Only through PayPal

Buyer pays for over night shipping
The fish are packed in a special thick fish shipping bag with oxygen to maximize a live arrival.

Ships only to United States *No international shipping due to distance and time*

If the fish arrives dead you are responsible to send a high quality picture the fish in the bag that is was shipped in the moment the fish arrives. I will replace the fish that same business day.

Aquarium Enthusiast



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