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More tuna

Headed due south looking for weedlines, birds, etc.
Found blue water and a 2.5 degree temperature increase. Trolled for about an hour nada.
Worked our way east towards the hump, not the plan but oh well.
As we got near the hump started picking up skipjacks.
Got to the hump, first pass 4 on, tiny tiny.
Kept working and finally found a few larger fish for dinner, let 30 go. Only small ones we kept had died while bringing them in.
Got sharked on the biggest tuna of the day and caught a mahi! Thought they didn't live here any more.
Bumpy day. .
I am off to the land of Oz and the home of the Kiwi's. Will fish for the bigger stuff while I am there.
John :USA
2006 38 Luhrs IPS600, A true 38, the only one made with IPS!
2001 23 Parker



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