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Whaleshark, Cobia, and Sails off Miami Beach 10/20

We had an amazing day on Thursday off Miami Beach on No Worries, a friends CV. It was me Russel, Adam, and Phil. Loaded up with bait from Frank in Govt Cut and headed out. Action was sporadic between 130ft-220ft. No current and greenish water. We ended up with 3/4 on sails, 4 mahi, couple kings, and a cobia (story to follow).

Towards the afternoon we found some frigates that were working on particular area. We followed for a bit and slowly pulled up to this mammoth whale shark finning down sea. It was loaded with Cobia of all sizes. We sprung into action and started pitching baits. We all hooked up, had a few tangles, and a couple remoras to make things interesting. The shark went down and we lost the school but we were able to land one nice cobe. They were multiple fish in that school that were easy 50-80lbs..

After couple mintues we found the whaleshark again and continued to fish. The school of cobes had moved on..or so we thought...The shark came around the boat, and Russ and I jumped in to grab some footage on the GoPro. No masks, no fins and no speargun were onboard..Note: this will be the last trip I ever leave the dock without those.

After getting some incredible footage and swimming with the shark for over an hour we called it a day and headed in. Next day Phil did an awesome job with the footage and edited the content. When we all saw the footage we were shocked to see that slob of a cobia that was underneath. You can see the frame in slow mo and in the background that dark brown sneaky S.O.B.

We uploaded the video to Facebook on Fri and were amazed how quickly it went viral. Some questioned the validity of the footage, some called us "crazy white people", others made comments about getting too close but in the end most were impressed and thankful for sharing the video.

It is rare to see them off our coast and it was a very humbling experience to be in the water with such a large fish. We were def at the right place at the right time. Now it will be hard to top a trip like that. Hope everyone enjoys the
footage. Tight lines,



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