Almost lost a hand

I was snapper fishing Not long ago under the skyway, brought a short red grouper up to the boat and just as I went to grab it , a huge cuda almost took my hand off!!! My penn 3000 spinning reel w 10lb braid & 20lb flouro & 1/0 circle hook starts screaming as the cuda makes away w the grouper. Then my line goes slack, figured he popped it for sure , so as I'm reeling in I see this missle shoot out of the water over the bow of the boat in the opposite direction lol !! I reeled til I was tight again then it jumps back the other way. Literally 5ft out of the water and airborne for 20-30ft !! It was one of the coolest things I've witnessed on the water. We pull up the trolling motor, chase him down and finesse game til we wore him out. As we were attempting to get it in the boat I kept thinking a bull was gonna come for the cuda. This was the biggest cuda I had ever seen or caught. I'm 5'11 180lbs , we didn't measure or weigh it but I would guess 5'4 50lbs.



  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
  • RoyalflushRoyalflush Posts: 535 Officer
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    Wow! that's a heck of a Cuda. We had one do that in Key Largo, i threw a bait out and he grabbed it, jumped right across the bow of our 1720, scared the crap out of us. he ended up pulling the leader and we lost him, glad you got yours!
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    That is a massive bay cuda!
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    Had the same thing happen off anclote , those bastards can launch ! Nice pic!
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