Fishing 10/14 and 10/15 The Bass Pro/ Mako Event

WE always look forward to this event and this will be our 4th one. We had a crew of 4 and fish primarily offshore. Well if it were not for this event with winds offshore gusting 20 MPH or more add in a full moon I would have stayed on dry land.
We travel to the event by boat and had Hotel reservations made. It is held at Fish Tail Marina south end of Fort Myers Beach. First day was uneventful as far as fishing goes to rough to go out to our planned numbers.
Shore cookout was good as usual plenty of food and door prizes. Saturday we hit some close in numbers under 8 miles out to see how the sea conditions would be not great but ok to run 15 miles to what should put some fish in the box. The run out to 30 miles was put on hold as wind predictions were higher winds.
Boy were we marking fish large and pods of bait put out the chum and in no time you could catch all the bait fish you would ever want. We were joined by another boat from the event Tileman on the BIPOSTO he sat up near us no matter what bait we put down no takers bummer.
Time to head in as we wanted to get showered for the evening dinner and awards event. As my boat jumped on plane alarms started to go off. Motor kicked into safety mode 1000RPM low oil pressure warning came on the screen and check engine alert. Another Bummer the ride back into the waves at 3.5 to 4.5 MPH it took over 3 hours and 30 minutes to get back in. All the time Tileman was at my stern. Well there goes the clean up and showers. One more thing I did add 1 quart of oil to my gas to help the lubrication it is a 82 gal. tank.
The motor is ETEC 2 stroke in the safety mode. Temp. it never went over 165 degrees. The next morning I called TOW BOAT US to tow us back to the marina in St. James City , Another slow ride of 3 hours, I did not want to risk at engine damage. Thank goodness For Towing insurance as the bill was over $1000.00 dollars.

While doing the slow ride in on the Gulf we set out a couple trolling lures boated one small Spanish on one bite off that swallowed the Crocodile lure and a 6 inch steel leader.:huh


  • stoutnerstoutner Posts: 252 Deckhand
    Ugh.... Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Let us know what problem was found. I'm thinking faulty sensor.
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  • tilemantileman Posts: 1,121 Officer
    Well, yes waiting all yr for this event I too, if it wasn't a good time as well as fishing same here. As a matter of fact when I dumped in at the Everest ramp in Cape Coral, my boat wouldn't start.....back to the house to unload. Thought we'd miss fishing that day and just go for the evening event. Got unloaded and I found the problem with BIPOSTO, the starter wasn't popping up to the fly tap on the starter and Wham-O , started right up. Well got the wife and we repacked up and hit the ramp again and off we went. Pulled up to find Larrywit threw the hook and the threw out the chum bag all the way to the bottom hoping to stir something up, but no go. At that point I knew it was a waste of time to fish and when Larry said he was going in I discided to call it also and follow him in, and the rest is history. We did indeed have a great time at the evening ceremony though. Free beer and a bar w/ all the Fix'ns food and entertainment. So it wasn't a good fishing trip for the off shore boats , but the back water boats did well. I'll be doing it again next yr and hopefully the weather and the moon will be in the offshore favor. And Larry always count on me for your back door...I know for a fact you'd be there for me. Hec! The wife and I haven't camped in the boat in a long time , so we enjoyed that for sure.
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
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