Bahamas Spearing - video

CatchDogCatchDog Posts: 308 Officer
Check out our latest video from our summer trips over to the Bahamas spearfishing! These trips were so epic, the quality of fish was unbelievable. A few places the sharks were pretty bad and had a couple close calls. Even got one on video!


  • silentfaithsilentfaith Posts: 359 Deckhand
    very cool, sharkey over there at grand cay. hey guys going soon, don't forget to plant a baby coconut on double breasted. were trying to make it shady and tropical.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    What an awesome video!! Congrats very nice. What was the story with that shark charging you?
  • CatchDogCatchDog Posts: 308 Officer
    Thanks buddy! I was down spearing fish and handed a couple to my buddy who was his first trip. The shark had been hanging around then charged and ripped the fish out of his hand, he let go the other one and a 6ft cuda grabbed that. So crazy. Sharks were bad all trip but was great fishing.
  • heatzheatz Posts: 104 Officer
    Great video ! We had a great summer too, but not like yours! We never made it past OBB and Bimini due to job changes etc.. Next summer..
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