Lawyer for Lobstering Citation?

Dude-On-A-KayakDude-On-A-Kayak Posts: 256 Deckhand
I recieved a citation during mini season for "unlawful possession of an egg bearing female crawfish (spiny lobster)". I have been lobstering since I was a kid and almost all of the lobsters with eggs that I encountered were obvious. The FWC officer had to pry the finnerets back to take a photo of the small lines of eggs. I am used to seeing the big orange sac under the tail and steer clear as a rule. Had the officer not shown me the eggs I doubt I would have ever caught it. Has anyone found a lawyer that can help with this sort of thing and was it cost effective? I am looking at a max fine of $500 and I am guessing it will be around $230 from what I have found digging around online.


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