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Miami - Snakehead, Peacock Bass and other fish

Hi Guys,
We are a group of 4 guys coming to SW Florida next year for the Tarpon run in May 2017.
We are spending 3 nights in Miami at a airport hotel to enjoy the pleasure of Miami before driving across state.

3 of us are very keen to explore the chance of Peacock Bass and Snakehead on the freshwater stretches in this region.
I'm in Thailand in Jan, so I hope to tick off the Snakehead species there, and get myself a bunch of suitable lures while over there.
But we would like 5 or 6 hours fishing 1 afternoon or morning in the Miami region with an experienced guide who knows these fish, and best locations in the hope we can catch them.
Preferable boat to cover more water and get to tricky spots you can't target from banks.

What costs might this incur?
And who do we contact?

Suggestion would be appreciated.
With Thanks
Catch and release some fish
There are anglers tomorrow who want to catch too
Just because there is a upper limit, doesn't mean you keep it all.


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