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King & Wahoo kinda day...........PC 8/20/16

Hadn’t been down to the coast fishing since 4th of July week & this past weekend was my last shot at going before football season kicks off (not another free weekend until October). So, with the weather/sea forecast looking good, down we come. Made the 7-1/2 hour drive down from Nashville on Friday. Dad was already in Destin & my brother-in-law was coming later Friday night from B’ham with one of his buddies. By late Friday evening while getting all of our supplies ready, my brother-in-law called with the news that his buddy had to back out at the last minute due to a family issue he had to tend to. So, it was just the three of us......oh, well; we’ll make the best of it.

Even though we had heard reports that the bottom bite hadn’t been that great lately, we were going to give it a try. Being from out of town I have to go when I can. So, we arrived at the marina bright & early Saturday morning and after a quick stop at Charlie’s we were on our way. Stopped by the Whistle Buoy to make a couple of laps hoping to start the day off with a king or two. No such luck.........did boat a couple of small bobo’s before heading on out to bottom fish.

Long story short..........despite bouncing around to a lot of different spots all day in depths ranging from 135 to 155 to 214, we didn’t have much luck bottom fishing. That’s pretty much been the story of our year this year.

But, the ole flat line once again helped save our day.......... About late morning we had a really nice King hit a live cigar on the flat line while we were bottom fishing. While I was battling it, my brother-in-law got hooked up with an undersized AJ that got tangled in the King line. Finally got the big King gaffed & into the boat when my Dad hollered that he was hooked up on the other side of the boat while reeling up his bottom rig. It too, then got tangled up with the AJ line.........it was like a three ring circus. After untangling lines again, Dad’s fish was still hooked up & it turned out to be another really nice King. So, in the span of less than 5 minutes we went from no bites all morning to boating 2 big kings & a small AJ. Pretty fun deal!

Check out those chompers!

But, the real day maker was still to come. A little after noon we decided to make a move to a little deeper water a couple of miles further out. So, as we had been doing all day when we moved from spot to spot.....out the panhandler lure went. Got the boat set at about 10-kts & it was literally less than a minute when the reel started screaming & the rod about doubled over.........something just smashed that panhandler! My brother-in-law rushed to grab the rod & immediately started yelling that we were about to get spooled. So, I **** the boat around & made a short chase so he could gain some line. He’s cranking like a mad man but can’t feel anything. He thinks it’s come off but I know better & holler at him to keep cranking......the fish was swimming straight toward the boat. At about 75-ft from the boat the fish turned & took off like a rocket toward the front of the boat with the drag screaming again. My brother-in-law rushed up front but couldn’t get the rod around the bow of the boat & I thought the rod was going to snap in two. The fish finally came out from under the front of the boat & I saw the flash of stripes down in the water..........WAHOOOOOOOO! After a few more minutes the fish was boat side, I sunk the gaff into it and over the rail it came. To say we were excited would be the understatement of the year. We were hooping & hollering like a bunch of fools. It was an absolutely awesome deal. It’s the first wahoo we’ve ever caught and a bucket list fish for us. We didn’t get a weight on it but it measured right at 48-inches to the fork.

(You can see the red/black panhandler lure in the background in the photo above.)

After catching the wahoo, we didn’t care if we caught anything else the rest of the day bottom fishing. It was a trip maker for us.

Here’s a comparison of the Kings and Wahoo........pretty close in length.

So, we might not have caught a lot but, what we did catch were real nice .......... and we had a super exciting time by our standards. Come October, we'll be back down there after them again.

Tight lines everyone!

Livin' the Dream !


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