2010 1890 SE...new Trolling Motor Batteries Advice

WildLinesWildLines Posts: 550 Officer
One of my TM batteries bit the dust last week, the other tested fair on the load tester, but I am replacing them both. they are original from when I had the boat built.

Currently, I have a 24v TM and running 2 Group 27 Batteries and have them under the bench at 68 pounds each. I am considering going to Group 24 batteries over the 27's, I would save about 40 pounds and some money.

Just curious what some of you guys are running for TM on your 24V systems and if any issues. I have never ran the 27's down and a typical day for me is 4-5 hours of fishing max, I am not on the Trolley day light to dark fishing.


  • DanOmiteDanOmite Posts: 119 Deckhand
    I have same model AC. Im using Deka DC27 batteries under the front hatch. They weigh 53lbs each, so that would help you cut down a bit on weight. I paid just over $100 each with trade-in on my old cells. I prob should have went with AGM due to the bouncing and slamming since I keep them in the front of the boat, but im too cheap for those.....T Hey work great and never ran them all the way down, I typically fish for 6-8 hours per trip with alot of trolling. Good batteries....
  • dholleydholley Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    I'm running two Everstart Maxx 29DC batteries at 61 pounds a piece. Say what you want about Wal Mart, but their battery warranty is the best in the business (2 years free replacement). There are plenty of group 27 batteries that come in around 50-55 pounds.
  • LongbowLongbow Posts: 16 Greenhorn
    For an investment that you make once every 4-5 years, i would rather have the biggest batts available, even at a slightly increased cost.
    I never heard anyone say "i wish i had a smaller motor" or "i wish i had smaller batteries". Besides, you never know when your trolly batt becomes your emergency engine starting batt. The weight difference on a 1890 will not be noticable imho.
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