John's Pass 120ft full moon snapper overnighter

Took off a little early Friday from work to head out for some over night snapper action. started off loading up with bait. seemed to only be able to find chummer size white bait. after a couple Christmas tree's decide to roll with what we had. about 100 pinfish,frozen sardines and ton of small white bait. which is perfect to mix with fish food and sand to make some sticky snapper chum balls to get the chum down when the current is moving.
First stop was in 110ft just about 30 mins after dark we sent our first baits down. Had some offshore rookies on the boat which had never experienced the endanger red snapper bite on every drop again proving there is way too many red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. After weeding through the red snapper managed a few mangos but still wasting too much bait. made a move to another spot close by where we encounter another problem. started pulling pieces of mangos up. seemed to be getting cut in half 9 out of 10 snapper so we dropped some pins down to try the grouper. hooked in to a couple good ones then seemed to be getting eaten by some goliath's so again we made a move. 3 stop 120ft was good had the snapper chummed up nicely not too many red snapper and pulled some 7-8lb mangos off this one along with two 26 inch gags. bounced around to a couple more spots in the 120ft range which seemed to yield the most mangos. mangos seemed to be eating pinfish on the bottom the best.

As the sky started to glow to the east we made a move in to 90 ft where we picked up a couple more gags and more red snapper. after the summer heat started to kick in decided to make another move. this time we found a small log floating with a nice triple tail on it. After several attempts got him to eat a piece of shrimp. last stop in 80 produced some small gags,reds, 3 keeper seabass and one keeper gag. All in all had a great over night trip beat the heat and had plenty of fish to clean.



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