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Maiden Voyage New Boat CK 8/20

I posted about 4 months ago for advice on picking between an 18' Sea Chaser(Carolina Skiff) Flats boat or a 20' Mako. We ended up getting the Sea Chaser but decided to go all in and get the 20' flats with the 150hp Yamaha. Now if I only could afford to go fish.:grin. Today we took it out for the first time and caught a few trout during the morning low tide. When the tide came in we tried a few spots for reds with no luck till we power poled down near a bar at the same time a fellow pulled up to fish on the opposite side. He started wearing out the reds and he calls out to us and says there is a school of reds on his side and to come join him. I've never had that happen in all the years I've been fishing. He was more than happy to share in the fun and we were grateful. We trolled around and got our two fish limit, and some just for fun, in minutes. Before you knew it they were gone. Broke the boat in with a few good fish and a new respect for strangers who love the excitement of catching fish and are willing to share in that excitement. Thanks Buddy, whoever you are.


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