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Heading to Marathon on September. Some of the crew I am going with want to dive the Thunderbolt. Anyone have the numbers for the submerged diving bouy to tie to? Haven't been out there for several years but the last time I was out there I was trying to fish it and the numbers I pulled off a chart aren't correct. I was in the general area but was unable to locate the wreck.
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  • Sick DaySick Day Posts: 260 Deckhand
    Make sure your numbers and your GPS are in the same format. I see some numbers in degree, minutes and seconds. Some numbers in just degree and minutes out to 3 decimal.
  • B2TBB2TB Posts: 59 Greenhorn
    There are several websites including FWL that have coordinates. One site lists the following coordinates for the Thunderbolt

    Coordinates: 24'39.663 N - 080'57.784 W
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    I've had the same problem... I go to Marathon every year, and each time I go and plug in the numbers, I can never find the submerged buoy. I've checked to make sure my GPS datum is the same as the publication offering the numbers and they were the same. Let us know how it goes
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    Hurricane Irma might have torn off any submerged buoys. And FKNMS does not maintain any submerged bouys.

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    Remember the Bouy to tie off on is about 15' under the surface.

    Just have a freediver jump in and tie off.  
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