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Advice for Fishing in the Mid to Late Afternoon

So I generally do not get off work till around 1PM in the afternoon and I am usually out of the Boca Raton inlet around 2PM. I have a center console and I generally troll 4 lines. Two skirts with bonita strips on top, and two skirts with strips below on #4 planers. Sometimes I will drag a spoon behind the planers looking for kingfish.

Can you guys shed some light on my above tactic? And maybe share some advice as to what fish I should be targeting from the 2-6pm hours? And what depths I should be bouncing between when trolling with this method?

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  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    2-6? Bring a hat, some sunscreen & plenty of water.

    That aside, the bite will usually pick up after 6:00. If I was trolling from 2-6, I think that I'd be out scouting weed patches, rips & diving birds.

    The best depth to hit is going to vary from day to day. You need to look for fishy water.

    It's hard to suggest a specific fish to target as a general rule. Some days the mahi are around. Some days the kings are around. Etc. If you want to avoid the Bonita, stay outside of 200'.

    If I was going to put a spoon in that spread, I'd put it behind a planer, just like you said.
  • terrapinterrapin Posts: 119 Deckhand
    I know that a lot of times during the full moon, I wouldn't even leave the dock until the afternoon (sometimes after 4)
    . A couple of times, I would find the Dolphin as the sun was going down and remember limiting out under the light of the moon.
  • wharf ratwharf rat Posts: 142 Officer
    I would head offshore if the seas were calm and weather permits to scout for dolphin. If it was bumpy and not ideal to run offshore I would stay inside and troll planers for kingfish,etc. Other option is to bottom fish while drifting some live baits (or dead sardines). I have caught some excellent dolphin and cobia in super shallow while doing this. I would experiment with some things other than just strips. Spoon (as mentioned), diving plugs, mullet, etc.
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