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Great times in Tampa bay.

Gathered up my gear and called on of my buddies to see if he wanted to head out in to the bay and poke around to see if we could find some mangrove snapper for dinner. Stopped in bishops harbor and loaded the well with green backs then headed off to some rock piles that I found a few years back. As we were approaching I noticed all the bait on top and was getting pumped. First drop got slammed by a nice 19" mangrove and the set the tone for the rest of the day. As fast as we could get the live green backs down they were being nailed by nice size snapper a few shorts came up and over and a lot of fish that were right at the 10" mark that went back so we could keep this spot going for years to come. We did get a surprise when my oldest daughter got a nice 17" flounder right when the tide started to go slack and the afternoon storms decided to show us a light show and let us know the trip was over. So over all a great day a four person limit on nice mangrove with that 19" being the biggest and the average being 14". I cant wait for next month for the snapper push in to the bay.


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