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SLI 7/30 offshore

Since i went inshore last week thought i would try offshore today. I know the bite has not been great but still wanted to get offshore and give it a go. Decided to troll as i do seem to seem to enjoy that more then drifting. Cleared the inlet and went right to Pushbutton but had no luck so decided to move in shallower as that is where i saw some scattered weeds and fliers. Finally after a few hours of changing the spread i looked back and saw a sail playing with my daisy chain of birds. Quickly dropped that back and then all of a sudden saw the other line further back start to run and came tight on a sail that was making my reel sing to the point that it took over 3/4 of my spool. I knew it was a sail after the first blazing run since it jumped. Started to make some headway finally realized it ended up getting tail hooked so that explained the great fight as it ended up not being the biggest sail. Took me a few minutes to revive but he swam off. When i brought the other baits in my other ballyhoo was wacked as well so i might have had another one that i missed. Trolled for a few more hours and pulled in the lines. Nice quick day, radio seemed quiet but did here of a few other sails being caught.

It works 60% of the time all the time......


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