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Late Report SLI 7.24.16

Late start with boat trouble and plan to HST. Saw an AMAZING meteor coming out of the North with green color and pieces flying off at 6:05.. finally left inlet at 7:15. Lots of scattered weeds from 150'-240' which made HST almost impossible.
Opted to bottom fishing from 70'-100'. Minimal current made for tough fishing but we managed some action. Caught some fat Beeliners and some of the biggest Chocolate Chip Porgies I've ever seen. Vertical jigged some undersized AJ's in 70-80' that wore us out. Hooked into 8-10 sea monsters that we never got to see. Had one on for over 10 minutes on the vertical jig that eventually spit the hook. (By the fight I'm guessing big AJ or Cobia) Pic doesn't do any of them justice, but the biggest Porgy was over 3 lbs. 2 Porgy filets were trash due to a disgusting looking parasite that I've never seen. Was brown/orange color in an oval shape about the size of a thumbnail??????? (forgot to take a pic of it)



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