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Ram ball mount on 1/2 aluminum spacer between trolling motor and quick release plate

kerleekerlee Posts: 74 Deckhand
Thought I would share this recent aftermarket add-on that 91Tiger and I worked on. Purchased a LED light recently for the front of the boat, for those early morning trips, 100W - 10,000 lumen that was mounted with Ram mount size C - 1.5". We wanted something that would not require drilling any holes in the hull for mounting the base and would allow the light to be out in front with no reflection from the boat hull, deck or trolling motor. We came up with 1/2 aluminum spacer that would fit between the trolling motor and the outer puck of the quick release bracket. The shape would essentially be that of a "home plate". It required changing the 6 screws for the trolling motor to 2" and 3 screws, washer and nylon nuts for the ram mount base. I had a local machine shop make it for me. Since it a ram mount, I can use it for the light, a fishing rod holder, a depth finder holder, etc..


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