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LWI 7/28/16 quiet morning on the troll

I did a little trolling this morning, from the Dodge (molly) wall to the Singer Island condos. Results were limited. 1 Almaco landed in the boat early on, then after that, it was nary a bite until lunch time when I headed in. Since I had been getting bite offs on recent trips, my baits were mostly on #6 wire. I was mostly pulling feathers & squid daisy chains. Jigs didn't get much action either, when I stopped to hit the bottom.

There was a little green water near the inlet, but mostly I saw blue. A rip did form up just outside the inlet where a weak weed line formed on a blue to green color change. Seas were 1-2. Breeze was mostly from the east. The drift varied quite a bit, from 1.5 knots north to a smoking 4 knots north depending on where you were. Stronger current was out past 200'. Weeds were scattered out to 750 feet. The scattered weeds were just enough to keep you clearing them every 5 minutes. It was not the best conditions for trolling. The only weed clumps I saw were in roughly 100'. I really can't call them patches. They were small. Water temperature varied from 83-85, with the warmest being further out. I did not see the edge of the gulf stream, even though the reports said it was only 6 miles out. Very small fliers were present in good numbers out past 200'. A few bigger ones were around, here & there. I didn't mark a whole lot of bait over structure, in the usual places where I normally find it.

The buggers were out, but not as thick as I had expected. They mostly stayed inside of 100', which is one reason whey I stayed out past 200' for most of the morning. When I got back to Phil Foster, I saw a pile of lobster carcasses in the water by the cleaning tables, so somebody must have had a good day. It was a nice day to be out bugging. I probably should have gone that route instead of dragging hooks through the weeds.


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