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SLI 7/27 Sailfish, Mangrove, Cobia

Splashed in at 5:30 and headed to bullshark for bait. They were small and picky, and we had to put in a little more work than usual. Had to go down to a #4 sabiki.

Started heading out to the "South County" area. Saw some action on top about halfway between our destination and the shrimp boat. Slow trolled some livies and picked up a couple bonito. Threw them in the box for chum. Got set up at our destination, and first bait gets nailed by a small sail. After a good show, we release him next to the boat. I have a video of a couple jumps, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to post it. Ended up with a 17-18" mangrove off the bottom before we picked up and left.

Head over to Evans Crary. Had some action, but no keepers. There were sharks jumping clear out of the water all over the place crushing bait.

Decided to head over to sand pile. There was a lot of action on top here too. In short order, we had 10 lb. dolphin circling the boat. As we were getting ready to get a bait to him, a nice cobia comes zooming in. I throw him the bait right at the boat, and it's game on. After a short fight we gaff him green. Scale read 25 lbs.

We missed out on the dolphin, but I'll take a 25 lb. cobia over a 10 lb. dolphin any day. We caught 3-4 sharks afterward, including about a 6 footer I fought for an extended period in the pouring rain. He really kicked my butt, but we got him to the boat and cut the leader. We started heading back in around 12:30.

The water was cold for whatever reason. I think it threw off the bottom bite, because wasn't getting much action on those baits. I think we had some kings cut us off above my wire traces, but they could have been sharks.


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