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Tarpon in the BR?

Out in the main channel in Merritt Island and came across hundreds of big tarpon, went further inshore and there were hundreds of juvenile tarpon, couldn't really get the small guys to eat but when i came across the big ones in the channel I had a light tackle star rod, they would've snapped it lol.

Any definite reason as to why they are there if there's minimal amounts of mullet around and why they won't eat?
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  • AlleniAlleni Posts: 344 Deckhand
    They usually follow schools of pogies that make it through the river. I've seen 100lb+ fish in the river smashing schools
  • beachside321beachside321 Posts: 371 Deckhand
    We've been doing well on juveniles (up to about 50lbs) at a spot off the Indian River. All they've been willing to eat are hog leg mullet. After we mess with those in the morning we are going to scout for these pods of bigger fish. I've also seen a considerable increase in the amount of mullet in the Melbourne area the past few days. In the past few weeks it's been tough to get mullet, but it's been worth it. One day we jumped 8 tarpon on 10 mullet.
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