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clean water?

last time i fished the IRL (north of kars, south of kars) the bloom was just starting to take over. spots i used to fish i can't see the bottom in 4" of water.

trying to find some areas that have somewhat clean/clear water in the ML or IRL. i'm not looking for specific spots just general areas.

i thought i heard the northern end of the IRL had/has some clean water but not much grass...going off memory on this comment.

thanks all
rise and shine, it's fishing time!


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 21,065 AG
    Clean water moves....you'll need to run and gun to find it.
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  • gatorhookgatorhook Posts: 657 Officer
    Good luck. It's all dirty muck, if you can find wind protection you might find some clearer than chocolate.
  • rehartlinerehartline Posts: 808 Officer
    Sucks all over, I haven't seen anything that's not nasty. BTW, this post should be under EC General. It's not a fishing report.
  • skankin pickleskankin pickle Posts: 54 Deckhand
    rehartline wrote: »
    Sucks all over, I haven't seen anything that's not nasty. BTW, this post should be under EC General. It's not a fishing report.

    my bad, i thought i was in a different section in the forum. if one of the mods could move the question under "paddle craft/nmz"

    rise and shine, it's fishing time!
  • gettinwetgettinwet Posts: 1,366 Officer
    I usually wade fish all around MIWR - being doing it for over a decade now - and this is (well used to be) one of my favorite times of year for early morning top water action. Visited some of my favorite spots near Gator Creek and Peacock's Pocket a couple of weeks ago. First time fishing since the fish kill. Water still looks like a Yoohoo. The points on both sides of the mouth of Gator Creek that are normally thick with grass or now both giant mud flats. Nothing going on either - saw no gators - very few mullet, birds, etc. Fished from first light until 10 AM - not even a dink trout - saw no top water activity at all. That grass is not coming back. Without it neither are the fish.
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  • B. GravesB. Graves Posts: 45 Deckhand
    There is clear water to be found. Not in ML that Ive seen but in the river there is. It does change some so its not constant but I was on some juvy tarpon in water that looked like gin 2 weekends ago in the banana. It was like that for about a quarter mile then got murky again.
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  • SpaceCoast SlayerSpaceCoast Slayer Posts: 3,527 Captain
    Well you can finally see the bottom in the lagoon again.. But only because it's about 3" deep across most of it right now ..
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