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Tarpon springs 60-70 miles offshore over nighter full moon

Started off Saturday afternoon catching bait just outside Clearwater pass in 20 foot of water. mixed bag of pinfish,whitebait and grunts. pointed the contender west about 8:00 pm as we are greeted with a beautiful sunset as we made our way out to the first stop in 110 foot. found a few mangos here but not what we were looking for. moved to the next spot in 125 found a few mangos here as well would only eat live white bait. the usual cut sardine didn't seem to work as well this go round. moved once again to a spot in 120 found a good stack so we set up on them, managed to pull 40 keeper mangos off that spot. We did notice the size of the mangos was a little off the mark from the usual. picked up a small kingfish about 15 lbs after getting cut off several times so I'm sure there was a few of them around. finished off the night part of the trip with a quick nap before the move to the day light grouper spot. As the sun started to show we sent our first grouper baits down and boy did we get schooled on not leaving the big tackle at home. the daylight bite was really good. Even though i had my Accurate 30's with 34 lbs of drag I only had the 80 lb test on them and it wasn't enough to keep these guys away from the rocks or breaking off. we managed to lose 10 solid fish before getting two 30 inch gags to the boat which I'm guessing were the smaller fish there. soon the 30-40 lb pesky amber jacks showed up so we couldn't even get a bait down for a grouper. after everyone caught a few aj's we decided to call it a day.
All in all a great overnight trip. Was nice fishing with out dying of heat stroke and produced a nice yeti full of fish to clean plus we were home in time to enjoy a hot day at the pool with some beers










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