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Tail-gating for Florida/Georgia

For some reason I decided to stay out of the madness down at the stadium on Saturday and try a new type of Tail-gating this year. It was really windy and the tails were few and far between, but this guy decided to pile on my presentation. My Biggest flood tider yet.


We also hit the flounder spots and picked up a few, but we couldn't find many mullet with the high tide and only the smaller ones seemed to like the muds as well as the croaker and sea bass.


  • sea slicksea slick Posts: 52 Deckhand
    That a boy!! nice fish
  • mgammonmgammon Posts: 66 Deckhand
    Nice fish .. Did the game ... ROLLLLL TIDEEEE ... Bring in them Reds ..
    G. Marshall Gammon (USN Ret)
    Jacksonville, FL
  • reefdonkeyreefdonkey Posts: 106 Deckhand
    thats a nice one! i also decided to fish that day and it worked out perfect cuz we caught fish and was back at the house with the boat washed just in time for the game. we caught trout in the morning while we waited on the "flood' tide. what blew my mind was when i started sat morning to kind of look around, ( not really expecting to see anything yet), there where two fish already tailing in water so shallow that when i threw my rubber crab at them, the grass was still sticking up so high that my line would float on top of the grass not allowing my bait to even hit the water. it was crazy, there was barely any water on the flat and the fish were in there just slurping away. i actually heard them before i saw them. we ended up seeing over a dozen but it was definately tough in the wind, plus the tide did get so high that we would see one and then it would dissapear just cuz it was so deep no part of the fish would be exposed. and we all know what happens when you blind cast on these fish, they take off like a torpedo. like you said, it was definately a good day for 'tail gating". I'm hoping that this weekends northeaster will produce another flood cuz i cant get enough of fishing for these flood tide reds...
  • Fish-on-21Fish-on-21 Posts: 107 Deckhand
    You should have seen the tail that i caught that day...
  • reefdonkeyreefdonkey Posts: 106 Deckhand
    are we still talking about fish or something that smells like fish???????:obscene
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