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Saturday @ the Pass. The well ran dry......

Launched Saturday @ Caxambas Pass. Water temp a tepid 88.4f with nice clear water.
Ran to the beach anticipating more snook and possible trout. First casts by me and GF, fish on!
2 jacks, each 12" long. Next cast, same result. Next cast, SAME result.....
Thousands of 1" long bait fry and 30-40 pelicans feasting on such.
Worked a full mile south and more jacks and ladyfish.
Off to a point near Cape Romano.....
Jacks and ladyfish. Did manage an 8-pound jack on cut ladyfish.
Into the Morgan river.....2 mango's @ 8 inches and a 10" sheepshead.
Frustration now mounting.
Off to my favorite island with 9-foot deep water bordering 2 mudflats.
Got anchored and caught 2 trout, both 14-1/2".
And the catfish swarmed for the next 20 minutes.
At least we finished with can slams!
Now it's 11;30, hot, minimal wind and 4 more cats later....to the ramp.

It was nice being on the clear water but no "glamour" fish.
Oh well....Gotta take the good with the bad.
Will be out next weekend and then a 3-week break due to travel.
Hopefully the 16th will be better but if not, I'm fishing the 10K area and THANKFUL for that!!!!
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


  • JehutyJehuty Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    I went out on Sunday and found similar conditions in similar areas...

    Lots of big jacks all around. Did manage one 17 inch trout in the Morgan River. Had a couple of big blacktips take my Gulp and give me a thrill when I thought they might be a big Snook or Redfish. Saw some Tarpon and caught a big Goliath (big for the backcountry) on a chunk of ladyfish.
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