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27 June 2016...Wabasso South. Water is still dirty. Tarpon were not in the mood today. First Trout at Pine Island was 19.5 inches, good for a STAR entry. Next Trout came on the West side of Hole In The Wall was 21 inches, caught on a Matrix Mullet. New toy, will take a little getting used to. Snook was 30 inches, good for a STAR entry, caught on a Matrix Shad behind Johns Island. Also had a 26 inch Snook in the same area. First Sheepshead was 17 inches caught on the Baby Vudu Shrimp, good for a STAR entry. Sheepies were a little shy today. Plenty in the area but not all that active. Tried to bring one up on the fly rod, failed mission. Still no Reds in the area. The Snapper was a real victim today. Working the Mangroves, got a bump and hook set. Halfway to the boat, the drag started screaming. Big Snook ate the Snapper. Was fun for a few minutes, until the Snook coughed her up No chance of getting the hook into the Snook, jig buried in the Snapper’s jaw.


  • SpeckledTruthSpeckledTruth Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Great to see the new Matrix Mullet catching a few. If you don't mind me asking...how did you hear about Matrix shad? I'm originally from NOLA and grew up playing baseball with Chas. He'd be stoked to hear he's over on the FL east coast
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