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Bass on fly report

duke6543duke6543 Posts: 336 Deckhand
It has been a long summer with little fishing for myself and even less with a fly rod. When a good friend of mine offered to take me out on a few ranch ponds and cast from the banks I was pumped up. I know these lakes never get fished but maybe a couple times a year by only a select few people. Knocked off work at 4pm and made my first cast at 4:30. First bass was hooked up on the third cast then it was non stop until 6:30. Total fish caught on fly by me was 11 (personal best) and Brian was at 15 using a plastic lizard and a bait caster and his largest was 4.5lbs. My biggest was only about 1.5 pounds and then they got smaller. But who cares how small, they were bass on the fly. Not a bad 2 hours of fishing for 26 fish.

Thanks to BFC for the invite on a beautiful old Florida cattle ranch.





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