Fishing Report 6/23-6/26

Was down at Long key this weekend for a guys fishing trip. We fished for 3 days. The first two days were pretty slow, we caught a couple of Tuna. We found lots of birds and some scattered weed around 250 but no dolphin. We went out to about 500 and found some more weed and saw some fish. We threw everything at them, and could get them to chase the bait to the boat, but would not eat. We had live bait, jigs, spoons, you name it we threw it at them and got nothing.

The last day we had much better luck. We got up early and left at 7. We found weed at 250, lots of birds, but no hits. We went out to about 600 looking for birds or week and found a very small patch of weed with on small bird. We saw the whole fleet pass us on the way the the humps. We trolled by with a green lure, a blue and white lure and a pink lure. We had a hit on the green lure and pulled in a 30 pounder. We started making our way back in shore looking for more weed and birds. Found lots of small birds and picked up a nice black fine tuna on the blue and white lure. We continued to head home and saw two frigate birds close to the water and we picked up a 27 pounder. Went home cleaned the fish, packed one in the cooler, hit the sandbar for a couple of hours, then took the boat to Hog Heaven and had them cook up the fish. They did an awesome job.

I saw something on this trip that I have never seen before. We have a spot that you can throw in a white jig, and on almost every cast you will pull up a ladyfish or small jack. I had 5 guys in that were not very experienced so it is a fun place to take really light tackle and let them catch a bunch of fish. One of the guys was fishing with the lightest tackle I have. It has 20 lb mono on the reel and a very light rod, and a 1/2 ounce white bucktail jig. All of the sudden his reel started spooling, and he yelled "I've got something big". Then a 100lb Tarpon jumps out of the water and continues to spool his reel. On the second jump, he yelled to start the boat, and then the line snapped. I have never seen a tarpon that large hit s tiny jig like that. It was something to see.

Here are some pics.


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