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    SW Cape Coral has a ramp at Cape Harbour & Venture Out has a small bait & Tackle shop right there. It put you out right near the end of the slow zone near Shell Island. Plenty of close spots to fish although the water has been a bit nasty close by. If you want more info or details PM me and we can chat.

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    If you go on the outside, stay close, go early, and come back early. Dont get caught in the sea breeze or a thunderstorm in that size boat. The Sanibel bridges will work for goliaths. Big bait, big fish.
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    Thanks guys for the help. Here's where i'm staying. Is the Cape Harbour Ramp the closest?
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    No. Cape Coral yacht club is 3 minutes from you. It's marked on your map in green.
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    Thanks! Right around the corner in the hood! What's your best rec's for on the water grub and adult beverages? Need to make the wife happy a couple days for lunch!
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    Up river you have pinchers on the fort Myers side. Just down river is the boat house it's right next to the ramp...

    You should also look at rum runners, the waterfront, cabbage key(it's a hike from where you are staying but you'll likely find your way up there anyways looking for clean water)
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    Thanks! We typically have a larger party and stay on North Captiva when we used to bring the 25 Bluewater over every year so we are very familiar with North Captiva and waters to north but not so familiar with the shallows and grass flats we can now sneak on with the 17. This is our first go around staying in the Cape Coral area.
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    you guys are staying right down the street from me...

    If you guys are looking to fish the flats, my recommendation is to either launch at the cape coral yacht club and run down river, then north up thru matlacha (be careful, it can be treacherous) or up pine island sound until you pass the powerlines. We have had a crazy amount of freshwater released from lake o, and the river fishing has become pretty bad. I cant even keep pinfish or shrimp alive in my canal nor my buddies house which is in the bimini canal.
    option b is to just trailer the boat out to pine island or matlacha and launch from there. saves you a good bit of running in the boat and puts you in more productive grounds faster.

    As far as good eats and to appease the wife, a few laid back cheap eats would be Bonita Bills down in ft myers beach right next to matanzas bridge. they are cash only, but cheap eats and a limited menu. Nervous Nellies across the way is a little pricier, but the food is excellent and they have a huge menu.
    If in the st james city area, Im a fan of the waterfront restaurant. During the day, a bottled beer sets ya back a whopping 3 bucks or so, and theyre always running specials. Again, a laid back place with a keys atmosphere.

    One place i wont go is the BoatHouse restaurant right at the cape coral yacht club. For as much money as I've spent there with guests coming to visit, they've all but lost my respect. Their sense of entitlement is sickening.

    offshore fishing has been good, but you need to be very conscientious of the weather as a quick pop up storm wouldn't be fun in the 17.

    If you want a good shot at a goliath, Id head to the phosphate docks in boca grande pass. Live and Large baits will get ya hooked up...
    lots of goliaths have been taken from the sanibel bridges, but with the fresh water, i dont know if they are still around.

    As for local tackle shops, you've got Captain Robs up on Del Prado between cape parkway and midpoint bridge. Hes got a vast selection of stuff. You've also got Crazy Lure around the corner a skip and a hop away.

    I will be pretty busy the next few days with charters, but if you have any questions, feel free to send me a pm and i will get back to you as soon as i can. 33 Ft World Cat Tournament Edition Catamaran
    Offshore Fishing Charters FT Myers, Sanibel, Captiva, Cape Coral
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    Dan thanks for the info! I appreciate it. How's your charter schedule for the week of 7/11? 
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