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High(er) end Permit/Snapper Reel Suggestions....

My buddy's wife emailed me and asked for suggestions for a mid to upper end mid size (4000-5000) reel for him. Permit size reel. What is your favorite and what would you suggest?

I am not a high end reel kind of guy so I was not much help.

Let me know...Tight lines....
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  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 3,242 Moderator
    How about a Stradic, not super high end, but, a nice reel. Shimano puts out some good stuff.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,945 Moderator
    4000 Daiwa Ballistic is a mid grade daiwa without breaking the bank at $200.
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,349 Captain
    She went with the Shimano Saragosa.....thanks for the input. Now that is a good wife....
    In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013
  • Bottomfinder#1Bottomfinder#1 Posts: 1,021 Officer
    I went with a Saragosa 6000 for the same purpose. great reel!
  • keenerbenkeenerben Posts: 82 Greenhorn
    My 6K Gosa is the reel in my hand most of the time offshore (on a trevalla m or mh 6'6. That little setup has the balls to handle grouper and aj, but it is light enough for finesse hogfishing. Also works well inshore for big stuff, but is overkill for slot sized stuff. For a do it all west coast spinning setup, I cant recommend it strongly enough!
  • aquaholikaquaholik Posts: 332 Deckhand
    Yep, Spheros or Gosa in the 6000 size is all you need. Pair that with a Loomis Pro Blue 12-25 or 15-30 and you've got a lightweight setup that can turn snappers off the bottom quickly and stout enough to handle big run from Permits. Here's the easy breakdown of the Spheros 6000 SW. Gosa should be very similar except for the backup anti-reverse dog.

    I needed a little more power than my Stradic 4000 but didn't want to step up to a 22 oz reel. The Spheros 6000 SW weighs exactly 17 oz and it balances quite well with the Loomis Pro Blue. I didn't want to spend $450+ for the Twinpower SW to save 2.5 oz since I won't be throwing artificial with this reel. This will be another inshore snapper rod here in the Tampa Bay area. I needed the low gear ratio so no Saragosa SW option for me since the PG option in the Saragosa does not start until the 8000 size.

    Comparison to the Stradic **** 4000:


    I read Alan Hawk's review on the Spheros SW but he normally reviews the larger reel. I was curious to see if the smaller one is as well sealed as the bigger version.

    First the bad news with the drag clicker/ratchet:


    Yep, similar to the Sustain FG so it might not stand up to well if you are targeting Tarpon with that but it's a cheap part replacement and only requires the removal of the spool.

    Main shaft seal:



    There is also a seal underneath the spool like the 20000 SW (not shown).

    ARB clutch cap, just like the 20000 SW:


    The three screws also has the rubber seal underneath it. Removing the ARB clutch cap and you see the seal but it's not double lipped like the 20000 SW:



    Removing the friction ring reveals the other two screws that must be removed to break apart the side plates. So five screws total:


    Reel stem side of side plate has the bearing to support the main drive gear. Note the rubber seal:


    The gearbox side that holds the locomotive gear unfortunately and expectedly holds a plastic bushing instead. The reason for the tear down and upgrade.



    Unfortunately, an almost completely tear down is required to replace that plastic bushing.

    There is also a seal underneath the white plastic bushing.


    Bushing replaced with bearing:


    Bearing size is 8x14x4


    The drag stack that is similar to carbontex like most SW Shimano:


    So, yes, the smaller one is sealed as well as the larger one that Alan reviewed.

    Fairly straight forward disassembly with no worm gear and reduction gear to deal with.
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