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6-25-16 digging the Grouper

Since moving to Gulf Harbors I'm officially a West Central guy now. Sorry Big Bend.

Took some time off from moving in to the new place and went out to have some fun. Mrs. Grouper and I went out to check some of our old Hudson #s and were rewarded with some nice future dinners. After tossing back a bunch of "nuisance" AJs we finally got the Gag bite going. Went through quite a few gags at 23" to get the keepers.
1-26", 1-29" and 1-33". The Jewfish moved in and started to crash the party. Never got one up, but at least got my hooks back....straight. All in all it was a great first trip out of the new place and AWSOME to have the boat on a lift and not trailer for 1 1/2 hours each way. Caught everything on live pins, spotfin, and pigfish. 52' FOW.
2400 CC Sea Chaser-Yamaha F250-Bad **** Tower (SOLD)
Grady White 306 Bimini 300 Suzukis
Hurricane 246 FunDeck


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