I need recommendations for a ball mount for a new tow vehicle

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The Suburban 1500 I bought to tow the boat we just acquired turned out to be insufficient. So this weekend I put a down payment on a 2001 F350 7.3l 4WD. So the new truck is a bit higher than the Suburban was. I'm going to need a new ball mount. The boat and trailer are 8000 lbs. 2" receiver. 2" ball. I'll probably need at least 6" of drop to keep the trailer at the proper level to even out the load on the two axles. I'll measure the exact drop when I get the truck. I'm concerned about strength if I need say 9" of drop with the heavy load. I'm looking for what brand to get, and what style. I'm considering one of those adjustable ball mounts, but I don't know what's good and what's junk. And given the weight of the boat and trailer, I can't go with junk. I'm also hesitant to get adjustable if they are sloppy and will have a bunch of play in them. But it would be nice to be able to adjust the height between the boat trailer and my utility trailer.





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    there are quite a few members on here that are waiting for a ball to drop as well.
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    Now that we have that out of the way. Which was fully expected, and from the very person I expected. :) Good to see you again Brian. If I were hunting, my thread title would be considered baiting.

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    haha, hope alls well bud!
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    Polar wrote: »
    there are quite a few members on here that are waiting for a ball to drop as well.

    Or, upon what to mount them that will carry the load.

    If I had to guess, I would say Polar is also really of Italian decent.


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    Can't help, but wanted to say hi to jay.
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    can't help either other than by copying this in Boating, Jay.
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    Due to liability being what it is, I would guess that any commercially available unit would have to be rated. So any falling within your load requirements should work.

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    Balls are labeled with the maximum load.
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