Beginner combo?

flsnookhunterflsnookhunter Posts: 196 Deckhand
Hey guys, I know nothing about fly fishing and my girlfriend wants to learn and I'm looking to get her a combo for her birthday. $300 is my budget. Any suggestions? I am considering this so far.|/pc/104793480/c/104721480/sc/105571980/cabela-s-rls-fly-combo/1555116.uts?destination=%2Fcatalog%2Fbrowse%2Ffly-fishing-rod-reel-combos%2F_%2FN-1102570%2FNs-CATEGORY_SEQ_105571980


  • JaxbchcreeksJaxbchcreeks Posts: 196 Deckhand
    That combo looks pretty good! I dont know much about fly fishin either, but ive been looking into getting a setup for myself.i posted somethin about it asking about a good affordable reel and rod combo and alot of people recommended the redington setups.check them out!
  • saltybumsaltybum Posts: 1,582 Captain
    Did you not look at this page before posting?
    Look down 8 posts and see all the info you need by jaxbchcreek asking the same question.
  • flsnookhunterflsnookhunter Posts: 196 Deckhand
    Yes i did look but thanks for letting me know there salty. Sometimes one post gets much better responses than another so I always post my own no matter what has been posted in the past. Also this will be used in saltwater 90% of the time. Thanks
  • darnhardheadsdarnhardheads Posts: 59 Deckhand
    The RLS combo is a great deal for beginners. I had an 8wt and the line that came with it was not so great for short casts with big flies but once I put on a new line it would cast fantastic.
    I ended up sending it back though because there was so much filler in the handle that after just 3 weeks of use the handle was crumbling. That could've just been my bad luck though because I do not see many others complaining about it in the reviews.

    Cabela's CGR 7/8 rod is my favorite for working mangroves from a kayak if that happens to be your thing.
  • FlatsFrenzyFlatsFrenzy Posts: 893 Officer
    Avoid the big boxes...find a local fly shop and get some advice there IMHO.

    Not only will you likely get a better deal that lasts longer, but you might be able to get some beginner lessons in the process.

    I can't imagine buying a fly rod I'd never handled or cast.
    Gulf Coast of FL
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  • flsnookhunterflsnookhunter Posts: 196 Deckhand
    Thanks FlatsFrenzy, It's just tough because I am buying it for my girlfriend who has only tried to fly fish a couple times and knows basically nothing. I also do not know much about fly fishing and dont really know what to look for besides a combo with good reviews.
  • JaxbchcreeksJaxbchcreeks Posts: 196 Deckhand
    Agree with flatsfrenzy.take ur girl to a fly shop.most are more than willing to set u up within ur budget, and teach u a thing or two as has been helping me alot too
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