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thefuzz253thefuzz253 DeckhandPosts: 57 Deckhand
I'm doing a camping trip with the family to Jetty Park this month. I've never fished over here on the East coast. Are there any good places close to Jetty Park to launch the Kayak and get in some flats fishing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • palmbeachpetepalmbeachpete Captain Posts: 2,620 Captain
    What inlet is this park next to?
  • ChobeeboysChobeeboys Officer Posts: 417 Officer
    This is at Port Canaveral, awesome place to camp I did it last summer with my family, we fished at KARS park. 15 minute ride down the road.
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  • thefuzz253thefuzz253 Deckhand Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Sorry guys, I was without internet for a few days. It is right next to Port Canaveral. I will look for KARS park. I really appreciate the help. Trying to put the kids on some fish.
  • thefuzz253thefuzz253 Deckhand Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Is KARS accessible for non-military? Everything I see on the interweb says military of KSC employees
  • davederbdavederb Officer Posts: 887 Officer
    Fuzz, KARS Park is absolutely available to use for the public. Costs a few bucks at the gate to get in and fish. Go in, pay, then proceed all the way down till you come to a dirt/grass lot. Launch there. Head north to Buck Creek on the West side which is a few miles north. Great fishing there. You cannot go too far to the East from what I'm told. Reds, Black Drum, and Trout are there. Good luck.
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  • thefuzz253thefuzz253 Deckhand Posts: 57 Deckhand
    Awesome, thanks again guys. I'm looking forward to it. I'll let y'all know how it goes.
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