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SNRoteSNRote Posts: 5 Greenhorn
My friends and I are planning a Caribbean / Cayman Island fishing adventure for next spring. I have only ever fished in the U.S. I've honestly never even traveled for fun out of the states so I feel a bit out of my element arranging the plans. I'm looking for tips, advice, etc.

1. We aren't set for one location but want to go to the Caribbean. Where should we go?
2. Other than a passport, what other things or precautions do you handle in advance? For example, should we all purchase international travel medical insurance?
3. Also, reading other threads it looks like we can save money going out on our own. Suggestions for that. Is it fairly safe to do our own excursions?


  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,214 AG
    1) Figure out what type of fishing you want to do. Offshore? Reef/bottom? Fly? Coastal? This will help you to narrow it down to a few possible detinations.

    2) Once you figure out # 1 above, then you can target your other info searches with regards to their tourism requirements, papers needed, possible medical info to be aware of, etc. Let Google be your friend.

    3) Being "new" to your destination, I'd suggest that you do your research and strongly consider using a charter boat. That takes care of all the tackle, boat, bait, etc needs and all you need to do is to step aboard.

    4) Common sense stuff for travel overseas could be: Pack more than enough of any regular Meds, bring enough US cash and then more, pack light, pack your carry-on bag carefully (meds, cash, enough clothes for 2-3 days, glasses, sunglasses, alarm clock, etc), check with the airline the day before to re-confirm your flights.

    5) Did I mention "pack light"?
  • Permit RatPermit Rat Posts: 2,283 Captain
    Great advice. Only add that if you don't already know this, be sure that any liquids/aerosols (bug spray, deodorant, etc) are in your checked luggage. Being that you are packing light and only bringing essentials, it is a real bummer to have them confiscated by TSA at check-in, because a container might exceed the (ridiculously low) allowable limit.

    Also be sure that any terminal tackle (hooks, jigs, flies, etc.) is in your checked luggage. You might be surprised at what the idiots call a "weapon," these days.
  • tk's joytk's joy Posts: 2,490 Officer
    As above, great advice.

    I would also add since you've never done this before......remember, and remember well, YOU are the visitor to the country you are going to. It's not your country and you are now an ambassador of your country. Take in and absorb, enjoy the differences in culture, the food, the drinks (especially the beers), and I'll say it "the beautiful women" of the the country you are going to. If it's Spanish speaking, know enough to be able to ask for the check, thank you etc.

    Also, and this might bring a smile to a few, my wife started doing this years ago, pack and wear your oldest, holeist (sp) underwear, socks etc., and throw them away as you go. It'll clear up room for the inevitable stuff you buy. She also always takes along one of those cheap duffel bags that collapse into nothing for stuff she always picks up.

    Have a great time. Trying to decide where I want to go this winter when it's time to warm up.

  • flbowman1flbowman1 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
    I currently live in Grand Cayman and can offer sugestions but I need to know what kind of fishing you'll be doing. Will it be off-shore, in-shore, spinning or fly fishing?
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,668 Captain
    Wow now I know what to do with all my socks and underwear that have holes in it.Honey I'm saving them for our next vacation.
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,214 AG
    Wow now I know what to do with all my socks

    Socks for a Caribbean fishing vacation???? :hairraiser

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