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Redfish redemption 5/30

Finally got a fairly calm day on Monday. I got up early and hit the water at around 730 or so figuring the last part of the incoming was going to produce in a big way. High tide around 9 is about perfect if you can hit the water early enough.


I started with my closest spots and worked my way out. Had several blowups from small reds in my closest spot but couldn't hook up. Made a move and started fishing a bar near an island. Hooked a really nice trout but lost it. Had a bunch of blowups from an angry ladyfish that was waiting for bait to get flushed by. Missed a red on a topwater. This spot was absolutely loaded with finger mullet. I threw a net a few times and gathered some for bait. Made another move to a cut next to a bar but didn't find much of anything there. Watched as a guy next to an island was catching quite a few fish so I started working a group of islands near there. These islands had lots of BIG mullet around them. Hooked up and then lost a mid slot red that was hanging out with the reds. The trick was finding the schools of large mullet because the reds were holding with them. Once I figured that out it was on.



I floated some cut bait under a cork while casting spoons and mirrodines, they wouldn't eat topwater, or if they did the bite was very light and they'd spit it. Hooked maybe 8 reds but only actually got like 5 to the boat. After the action died at that spot I decided to try for some tripletail. I found one and hooked it on a mirrodine and got it most of the way to the boat before it somehow managed to spit the hook :banghead I hooked a few more that spit the hook and even one spanish mackeral before I abandoned that plan to go look for more reds. That plan was a waste of time as the wind started to kick up from the west and storms blew in. I saw lightning on the horizon and decided to make a run for it.


FWC was out in the absolute narrowest part of the channel inspecting a pontoon boat. They were in a brand new Yellowfin. I told myself they confiscated it from some drug runners or something to make me feel better. On the way in the storm shifted directions and was now between me and the ramp, so I hid in a creek and had a beer while it blew over. The water was muddy in all the creeks and the bite was non-existent. Once I got back at the ramp I was forced to load on the right side of the ramp where the giant hole is which tore the bolts out of my bunk so I had to jack the whole **** boat up with a farm jack I always carry, and reposition the bunk so I could get home without the hull riding directly on the bunk bracket. PITA, but it got me home. I highly recommend always carrying a Hi-Lift jack under your trucks bench seat! Good day of fishing all things considered and was home at 3 to relax. Finally got a day of catching which I hadn't had much of lately. :)


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