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Memorial day solo trip

Heading out it looked like the usual weekend crowd.

I was sure that would not last so I went to a remote local, but that didn't help much. the first boat load of anglers got to see me catch a 21inch Red.

So I moved..... Here comes an Airboat Dolphin watching :banghead
so I moved.....Here comes the FWC to measure my catch. (nice fellas just doing their job)
So I move..... and wait until another boat leaves so I can slip into my sweet spot, and hook up with a BIGUN! 29inch

After a great fight and quick photo she swims away. :cool:
Weather was beautiful, fished the top of the tide, 3 reds all caught on the Red fish magic spinner bait.
Special thanks to Billy for the loan of his Awesome LT 25.


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