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5/29 Everything Hot Except the Bite

Went out this past weekend on Sunday. Ran down to just North of Round Key in the morning. Got bait pretty early, which was a good thing with the falling tide. Lots of ladyfish, jack, catfish and snapper around, but couldn't seem to get much going otherwise.

Hooked into some big sharks and rays on chunked ladyfish about mid-morning and then after that, not much for the rest of the day. Worked all the way down to close to Chokoloskee on the outside points, but nothing other than the ladyfish, jack, snapper and a couple of small trout. Tried a few deeper cuts near the points of islands with good tidal flow as the day went on, but nothing but big sailcats and more jack and snapper to show for it.

Every day on the water is a good one, but hopefully people got into some fish more than I did. I think the combo of a falling tide and the summer heat wasn't a good one...looking forward to a rising tide this weekend for hopefully some different action.

It was also a super clear day for most of the day. Could see Marco all the way from down near Chokoloskee.


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