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CR where to go with a bay boat??

I had posted in another post about trying to use my offshore boat. Well, I ended up buying a bay boat.

Where is a reasonable safe starting point for me to start looking for reds and trouts?? Do I go out the main river to the markers? Or do I got past twin rivers marina and a little ways go north?? I have only been out passing twin rivers marina once on a friends boat.

I will have a gps to follow my trail to get back out.


  • hihater36hihater36 Posts: 137 Deckhand
    i don't know if id go out salt river past twin rivers without some really good local knowledge or just knowledge of how my new boat runs and what it actually draws. Heading that way you're just begging for your day to end earlier than it should. Id just go out the main channel and run south west a little bit and start fishing for the trout in about 8-12 foot of water and look for grass in that depth. Im not sure about reds but you could always run up into the area north of the main channel toward the plant and then hit the trolling motor to get you back in around **** island, just don't get too far back in there. Im sure there is some more well versed guys that know way more than me but I'm kind of in the same situation as you running that 26 crevalle.
  • Wishin i was fishinWishin i was fishin Dunnellon FlPosts: 936 Officer
    Study google earth carefully, as you can see a lot on there and if you put the cursor over something you get the coordinate. Pretty much any bar, island, or shoreline with some current and hard bottom or mangroves could hold reds. I'd go before the incoming then you can work your way in with less worry of getting stuck somewhere and then get back out within a couple hrs of the high tide. But anyway you look at it there's a huge learning curve. I've learned a lot fishing with other people, this forum, and just banging around. It may pay to offer to take some of these guys along. Show up to the bash and make some friends. In hindsight though I wish I had made several trips with local guides, it really would've saved me lot of time and money. But if you have decent charts its fairly easy to get around the bars out front of FIT beach. That's heavily fished but may be a decent starting point. And as stated above, trout can be targeted on the deep flats this time of year. Which is most anywhere south of Cr all of the way down past homosassa.
  • dterry302dterry302 Posts: 90 Deckhand
    Try to get ahold of Mario AKA ripnlips on the forum. He guides out of crystal river but is also usually willing to run your boat around the bay to show you the way and he knows the water well so he can guide you in the right areas to where your boat can be productive. Good luck
  • LineDriveLineDrive Posts: 136 Officer
    ^^^^^^^What Drew said. (If that is you, Drew). Plus Marrio is a great guy to fish with, and very knowledgeable. Also cheaper than replacing a lower unit.
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