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Quick trip to Wac hoping the weatherman was wrong

I had Friday afternoon off and was going to fish but thought better of the weather, it was real nasty. So I decided I'd just fish Sunday, which turned out to be one of the windiest days yet. This time I was at least smart enough to get an early start and was on the water at around 8 or so after a BLT at Herschels. Anyway, as predicted the wind was picking up and it was too rough in the bay for triple tailing. We saw a couple but it was getting dangerously rough out there and we headed in. The wind started out from the north and was blowing water out. Low tide continued several hours after it was supposed to have turned, so I used the opportunity to scout out some new creeks and boy did I find some beautiful looking spots that I will keep in my hat for a day when the fishing doesn't suck. I caught an upper slot trout on a topwater plug on a bar and one on a jig but other than that I caught nothing the entire day. Once the tide turned it went from a negative low to what looked like an average high tide in the span of about 30 minutes. A ridiculous amount of water came into that creek. I think once the wind shifted from north to west all the water rushed in. After that tide got really high I knew I wasn't going to catch a thing so we rode out around 2 or so. I expected tough conditions with a stiff wind and the day after a full moon. Judging by the parking lot, most people stayed home. :rotflmao


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