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2 Trips: 1 Inshore with Huntentails and one offshore

Went to 30ft with a couple friends in a 23ft Angler and it handle the waves excellent! We didn't get out till after 10:30 because we loaded up with pinfish and some blue runners. We started slow trolling the blue runners and had a couple nice grouper come up and take them down to the rocks in 30ft of water! Not much bottom action, just some small grouper, snapper, and a couple break offs. Moved to another spot and got a couple more grouper slow trolling pinfish and blue runners. Then we had a 50lb king sky rocket a huge blue runner and then come back and destroy it. Somehow after screaming line off, it didn't get hooked :banghead Still a fun day though!

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Went to Homosassa with Bob Huntentails to do some extremely shallow water fishing. He has a pretty bad @$$ custom aluminum tunnel hull with a huge platform for its size on the front and poling platform on the back. I couldn't believe how shallow we were, I couldn't throw any sort of mirrodines once we started going shallow. He pushed poled me all day long like a guided trip I don't know anyone that would pole another person all day long like that, I felt pretty special. I could tell he really wanted to put me on some fish. The fish on the other hand didn't seem to care. The wind I think made it a little more difficult to sight fish besides the fish not feeding. We didn't see a huge number of reds but there was probably 20 missed opportunites. I managed a 16", 19" and a 23" trout and a 17" and 20" red and then spooked off the rest because I have no idea what I'm doing! All day I was thinking maybe if I pushed him around we'd have some more fish in the boat. He was spotting fish 50 yards past where I could even see he's an unbelievable good fisherman I can't wait to give it a try again. I had a lot of fun trying something new, thanks again Bob. 4 of the fish were caught on the mirrodine in about 10" of water and the 20" red was on a spoon in just a few inches of water.

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