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5/18- Late report. Great day that could have been better.

Met Ed (Reelredneck) last year and we have been out a couple times lookin for Snook. This was the first time this year and we had several chances. Started out right when tide was starting in. I am not a fan of big tides, mostly because it takes a lot of adjustment. Even the Jacks won't stay in the high current areas. Kind of wasted the first hour+. Moved on and found a couple under to low slot Snook and missed a couple. Next move put us in some wind, stained and choppy water, but that's where the big one was. Awesome battle with several head shaking jumps from this very determined and tough fish. When she got in close I could see clouds of red around her head...a bad sign. After netting this 37-38" bruiser we found out why. The fish had the entire lure in her mouth and had damaged some of the gills. Spent about 10 min trying to revive this fish, but blood loss was too great and eventually floated her off. Was a beautiful fish and would love to think it made someone else's day down the road. This is the first Snook that I've caught that did not swim off and the first that bled more than a couple drops. Survival rate is 98%, probably about what mine is, but sad to see a big one go. Moved on to one last spot and Ed still hadn't put on a lure with hooks, but managed a lively one. Really nice comfortable day and great company.


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