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Crystal River Kingfish and mixed bag

Went last Friday May, 6th and it was very windy so we didn't go past the end marker of the Crystal River channel. Went to a spot we could do some bottom fishing and was surprised to find a large amount of baby grouper, a couple nice snapper, and a nice flounder. Once we headed back up river I got a fat 15" snapper which made a good addition to bring home. Hooked what I think was a monster snook just before landing a baby snook. Not much but made the best of 20mph winds in a deck boat.

Go Pro Video: Windy day

Monday my friend Solomon, his girlfriend and my other friend Corey wanted to do a little offshore fishing on Monday. We thought it would be calm so we brought some threadfin and chum. On the way out it was pretty rough so we stopped in 20ft. Not much action but I got a 16" trout! Pretty weird, anyways then we get out to 30ft and couldn't anchor in front of the structure and the anchor got stuck in it. Started fishing with very little luck, tried pulling anchor and we couldn't for 30 minutes and gave up. Sat there forever, then we broke it off Didn't want to drift so we made a homemade anchor! Heavy weights, 80lb leader and two monster worm hooks did the trick! New spot and non stop action. Both of my friends got their first kingfish and they were pretty big ones. Had like 10 kings break us off with 50-80lb mono leaders. Next time we need a few stinger rigs. The Cobia and snapper were leader shy even with 20lb flourocarbon but we did get a few chummed up to the boat. Still a very fun day with a mix of several 20" grouper and fish screaming line on the free lined pole with whole threadfin.

Go Pro Video of the whole day

Go Pro Video of just the Kings


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